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Real Estate

Are you amazed at how few homes there are “for sale” and yet there is building everywhere?  Here’s a tip!  Builders are selling homes so fast, that it’s rare they even make it to the MLS, Zillow or your favorite online place to shop.  If that’s the case, call me!  I can make contact, get you into a home that they’ve recently completed (to check the quality), and you can choose what lot you’d like, that builder, to build your new home on.

Prices continue to rise with demand!  This is the latest Beacon Report for Central Oregon.  Remember, this is time sensitive so be aware of the date. 

Median Home Values as of November 2020

BEND                                   $560,000                            LAPINE                 $340,000

REDMOND                         369,000                              JEFFERSON CO.     263,000

SISTERS                               449,000                             CROOK CO.            320,000.

SUNRIVER                          672,000